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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA): Accurate Online Form Checking

By choosing our online LPA form checking service, you save time, reduce stress, and lower costs compared to hiring a solicitor.

Our affordable pricing starts at just £99 per LPA or £149 for mirror LPAs, with NO VAT.

How To Register Online

To register online, you need:

Simply submit the form and pay the invoice, and we'll promptly review your information and provide a direct phone number and email for any questions or callback requests.

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LPA Advisors with Professional Accreditation

Our advisors bring a wealth of practical experience and stay up-to-date with the latest LPA developments through certified courses with various approved bodies and membership with the Institute of Paralegals. All advisors are registered on the Professional Paralegal Register and committed to their code of conduct. We are also covered by professional indemnity insurance provided by HISCOX Business Insurance.

Understanding Lasting Power of Attorney

To ensure our online registration and your LPA application run as smoothly as possible, we have formulated an uncomplicated but comprehensive LPA guide. You are welcome to contact us for any further information, but you should find everything you need, in order to proceed with our service, via this guide.

Our LPA Guide